Saturday, June 16, 2007



I had dialysis and we went to roosters for Harry's a guy a work with fake retirement party. It is just a reason to get people out at work to drink. This was his sixth fake retirement party and next year will be the real thing. Dee, Austin, Michele and I(DAMI is what i will call us) did not stay that long because i had a killer headache. Nothing my Oxycontin fixed when I got home. No worry I won't get addicted because this was the first one I had in a few weeks. I get bad headaches after dialysis most of the time and Tylenol does do the trick.


We had Mutha and Mike over for dinner. It was nice. I made my lasagna. At least enough for 30 people and we ate enough for 15. DAMI went to sports Ohio. We went on the go carts. I picked the cart that had a rather larger girl and she was passing people. I figured it was the fast one. Well i was wrong or the girl was really skinny because I only passed one person. booooooo. We also went to the batting cages. I still got my hitting skills. I doubt I can run yet. It was nice to be out. Michele got a little bit of sunburn from being out in the sun to long.

Austin and I went fishing at Antrum Lake. He caught one fish. About the size of my thumb. I did not catch anything. It as really hot out so we did not stay out to long. We had pork chops for dinner. It was so hot Michele and I were on the deck with no shoes and we had to do the happy feet dance to get back inside because it was sooooooooooooo flippin hot. Well pork chops were money, and the weekend was great.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

15th Would have been the day

Well today the 15th would have been the day that I would have had my transplant. Michele and I are in bed writing this. She said it is good to write the blog and give a little cry when you are not in the best of moods. I honestly almost forgot today would have been my day for the transplant if my aunt Marsha did not call me. I guess I wonder if I had chosen the other type of dialysis would I be getting a robe on now getting ready for surgery. Who knows? It has been really tough today. I am glad Michele and my sister and Austin are with me. They don't know but them just being here is really good for me. I also had lunch with the guys at work and had dinner with Ryan and Leslie and Matt. So I had friends around all day

I feel like such a wimp I am really crying when I am writing this. At this point the cavs are down 3. OK back to being a man. Later

Can't sleep

Dialysis went OK last night. I had a ton of fluid taken off. 6.5 Liters in all, I normally only have 1.5 to 2 literes taken off. 6.5 Liters is about 14.3 lbs of fluid. So you can imagine how swollen I was. My chest was very heavy due to all of the fluids the hospital has pumped into me. I am almost back to normal. I think one more day of dialysis and my fluid retention should be back to normal. I came downstairs because i did not want to bother Michele when she is sleeping. She is the only one working and needs her sleep. Good old Tippy followed me down and we are just going to watch some ESPN and Viva La Bam. They just did this skit where they woke this one guy up by putting his mouth on the end of a shop vac. And they put thumb tacks into his shoes so when he put them on he was not happy. That is some funny stuff. I am going to try it on Austin. ha

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What about Tippy

He is so lazy now that I am not working. Just take a look.He is just a pile of dog. I am so ashamed. Well at least he is not barking it up. I thought that he would be a good watch dog but all he does is watch the food go into his mouth.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Todays events

Austin is staying with me this week so it is time to get some work done.(well he will do the work while i nap.ha) Today we cleaned up the house and went shopping(We went to andersons great store Maria!!!!!!!). We planted the garden and watered the yard. Tomorrow we will just be chilling because i have dialysis.

Sorry to Ed and Patty

Here is the story. I had just gotten some of my meds that make me a little sleepy. And the good ship Mchenry rolled in. I remember saying hello and then I fell asleep. The weird thing is i remember having a conversation with them, but I doubt it was the same conversation they were having with me. I do remember after some time sitting up and saying thanks for coming. They only thing thing is I was talking in my sleep. So i have to apologize. Hopefully next time I will be more coherent.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I am home now. Everything is fine. I will have to follow up and have some more tests. Austin is staying with me for the week. So he can do all the work that I was not doing. So far he is just eating us out of house and home. But that is what 13 year old does. I go back on my normal dialysis schedule. The one sucky thing that happened is that one of my veins for my fistula influtrated.( blew up) My forarm look like there is a golf ball under the skin. Pardon the french but if fuckin hurts. O well I am going to go to bed now. Big Mamma's House is on and I can't miss it.


No Release

He has dialysis from 2-6.

Neal spoke with the doctors this morning and they are hoping to do a fistulagram during this hospital stay. My understand is they shoot dye up through his fistula and take pictures to see if there are any blockages. He had this done in March. If anyone remembers, this is what gave him the giant bruise on his arm. His fistula is not maturing fast enough to be used for dialysis. It will come to a point where he will need to have a different surgery to place another dialysis port if his fistula is not working. Given that the surgery is not yet scheduled I would imagine he may be staying a couple of more nights. He is in Rhodes 908. He is really sick of being in the hospital, so visitors are welcome. If you can get him moving around while you are there, that is even better. I will post once we have a confirmation on dialysis times today.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Not much to report

Neal is still in the hospital. My family helped us out a lot over the weekend. We have another grass cutters, my dad. He also got the garden prepped so Neal can plant when he gets home. My mom and Mike stayed at the hospital Saturday, which allowed me to have a night out. Neal placed a bet on the phone, but had no luck. Thankfully I was the big winner at the track, but not big enough to retire tomorrow. Ryan's parents made it over to see Neal, although he was pretty loopy. Denise and Austin came down Sunday afternoon and went straight to the hospital and are staying at the house overnight. I really appreciate all of the help and visitors.

Neal is eating fine and his oxygen saturation is around 93% without oxygen. We were able to get Neal up and moving around a lot. This morning we even got to sit outside and read the newspaper. The doctor wants him to stay until Monday. He has been taking pain medicine regularly, so I am hoping another night will allow him to not rely on that.