Friday, June 22, 2007

2 needles

They used 2 needles today. THis is good news. I won't have to have the fistula gram now. We are going camping this weekend so this will be the only update for the weekend.

I hope matt will camp with us.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

update on surgery

I found out yesterday that I will have to be admitted to the hospital 5 days before my surgery. The reason is because i am on blood thinners and I have to stop taking them 5 days in advance. To do that I have to be on IV heparin therapy. That is something I can't do at home. I am going to try to talk him down to 3 or 2 days but i doubt i will win. It sucks.

I also got a call about my Fistula today. If I am unable to sucsessfully use it on Friday and Monday I have to have a test done on it Tuesday. This is what a fistula is. It is not a piece of equipment but an artery and vein they tie together and stick needles in. Some of you have felt it. It is sometimes called a thrill, but we like to call it Neal's other heartbeat.

NEAL CALLED ME FRIDAY MORNING and he had 2 needles in his fistula. Hopefully it holds up, then he will not have to have the test done on Tuesday.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Colon surgery is scheduled

I will let Neal elaborate, but surgery is set for July 13th. We will try to call weekly for a cancellation, but it will be difficult since Neal is on blood thinners.

Elaboration below,

My surgery will consists of fixing my hernia, removing my abscess, and removing some of my colon. The dr says I will be in the hospital for a week, and out of commission for about a month. Does not sound to bad. They are going to do a patch job on the hernia and not put in new mesh because the colon surgery could cause a major infection.

Michele and I met a few of her work people at Jason's in downtown Old Dublin. I just went for dinner and left. I was a little tired. (Thanks to the boys - you know who you are - for offering your power washing skills - it is greatly appreciated - It is amazing how considerate people are - Michele)

Also no need to borrow a power washer. I am going to get my own. I took in my change jar and got 180 bucks. I am going to use that to buy it. I know Katie can appreciate the change jar purchase.

talk to you later

from Michele.......Stacy you know this well, but Neal is getting more funny the longer he is off of work!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Can't sleep again

Well up at 4 am again. O well. I put a load of clothes in the washer to get started with my chores early today. I also think I am going to put our old dryer on craigslist. So if anyone needs a gently used gas dryer they can have it. I am selling it on craigslist but will give it to a friend if they need it. We only used it for 7 years and it runs like a champ but is missing the handle on the door(and our new house is all electric so we can't use it). Of course I can deliver or Matt can since he has a truck.

I also need a power washer if anyone can let me borrow it for a couple of weeks. I have to power wash our deck before we paint.

Talk to everyone later.

PS why does ESPN show the Yankees at 4am. They are a 500 team. Put on my tribe. They are leading the toughest division in baseball.