Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day

We had a wonderful weekend camping at Mohican. We were even able to get a canoe trip in between storms on Friday. We made record time paddling like fools to make sure we missed the storms. Of course, there was no one there to pick us up. They showed up eventually. We also got to take Connor out for his first hike. It was wonderful. Connor is definetely a camper. I will get some pictures up once we get them. Leslie is my personal photographer.

Dad and Dorothy came up to the camp site on Father's Day. I was glad they could make it to see the camper. We had a great visit. We were able to make foil dinners. I grew up on these things in the summer. They are still pretty good for the amount of effort you put into them.

Neal surprised me on Sunday with some new license plates. I had mentioned to him that I wanted to get some. They are great, he even personalized them. I guess I will have to watch my road rage now that I am more easily identified on the road.

We leave for Jamaica in a week. We are ready for a vacation! We have another booked weekend ahead of us first with another 5k, Joey and Kristin's wedding (sure to produce some great photos) and a meeting for the Transplant Games.