Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sad News On The Donation Front.

We are no longer the lead donations for the kidney walk. I am glad to report that there is a way we can get back on top. My buddy, no friend, no GREAT FRIEND, Dave Lusk has volunteered to do the truffle shuffle for everyone at Polaris after the walk if we raise the most money. So lets get the donations going. COME ON DO THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE.

Please send me a note or post a comment if you are coming over for brunch so I have a decent head count.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Not much is happening at the Kothe's. Neal's numbers are looking great with the exception of one. I got to give him his first shot today to help increase his hemoglobin. His kidney is working better than any other kidney has in the last 20 years. Once we get his hemoglobin up, he should be as good as new. He is starting back to work this week. Neal is back at physical therapy, but only once a week. Once he can drive again, life will feel normal. We hung out with Ryan and Leslie this weekend. Ryan is doing good.

Just a reminder...the kidney walk is in 2 weeks. We will have a brunch at our place for Neal's birthday. Everyone is welcome. I am guessing we should be back at the house for brunch around 10:00.

Leslie Renee Mchenry