Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

I have to blame it on something. The dispatch reporter came over our house last night again. She wanted to know even more about the Kothe Mchenry relationship. What better way to explain our relationship than to show it. We busted out the Kothe photo album. My wife and I, more like my wife most of the time, have kept our album up to date with what we did for the year. I usually look at it a couple of times a year and think nothing of it. Well showing it to someone else is an entirely different thing. There are many stories that you would not normally share with an outsider, hence I blame the eclipse. I have never heard someone say "Oh My God" so many times. We told her every story that went along with every picture. We also told her about 95% of those stories cannot be used in the article. The offenders know who they are. Ha.

On another note I had my first appointment with my transplant physician. Everything went well. My staples are out. My medications are working well. I am not sick from them anymore. So needless to say I am eating much better. I could have already told him that from the 4lbs I gained this week. Ryan put it best in a text message to me. I told him I was going to his favorite chinese take out place, and in so many words ryan said I will balloon up. He was right. Well worth it though in my opinion.

That is about all.


P.S. Don't forget about the Kidney Walk. You don't have to donate a fortune to make a difference.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hammer Time

On the doctor front. Ryan had his follow up with the Oncologist and all is good. His other kidney looks great. Luckily the Oncologist we were set up with is a great guy. He is very personable, which is very important with what he is dealing with. Neal will have a follow up with the transplant doc on Thursday and the Oncologist in June. Neal's meds are still not quite right. Hopefully we will get there soon. He will also have his staples out this week.

Saturday we had the McHenry's, LaPorta's, Schrank's and Kothe's over. Needless to say it was a packed house. I believe Connor provided most of the entertainment. Between the airplane rides and talking with no teeth, we entertained each other.

The transplant center has taken quite an interest in Neal's wardrobe. For anyone that has seen him, the last six months he has pretty much worn sweats or pajama pants. When Ryan had his blood draw the phlebotomist asked who he donated to. When he said Neal, the phlebotomist said, "Oh yeah at least he stopped wearing pajama pants. He now stepped it up to sweats." A couple of weeks ago our nurse told me to take him out to the mall, if he would just put real pants on. I wanted to tell her, lady I have taken him to a restraunt in pajama pants and slippers, we have no shame. Neal is just trying to set a new fashion trend. At one point in time Hammer pants were popular, right?