Friday, April 4, 2008

Dr Visit & NIT

I had another Dr appointment yesterday. Everything went well. I was able to stop taking Nexium(costs about 500 bucks a year!!!) and hopefully can stop taking lipitor in June. He is happy with all of the test results. He wants me to get an ultrasound of the kidney and I already have one scheduled with the oncologist in June. I also only have to get blood draws once a week now. I love that!!! I should have taken Lusk to dialysis with me. The needles they use to stick a fistula are like mini swords. Painfull as a mother!

Also bucks took the NIT, or as Harry would say Ohio really pulled it out(come on Evans you have worked at osu for 30 something years no one calls it Ohio). I was talking to Lusker today and it was funny we both agreed that the "victory" ceremony was cut very short on tv. I went to pee as soon as the game was over and when I came back the coverage for the basketball game was over. Damn new kidney prevented me from seeing the ceremony. I guess it is the NIT and no one cares.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I can drive again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch out world. I think the local taco bell knew I would be driving for 4th meal again. Taco bell knows the way to my heart!