Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nothing much going on.

Michele and I have settled into our grove. I keep working out as much as I physically can. Michele has picked up tennis. She is getting better every time she plays. We have had a few lessons together. I started taking advanced lessons. I really enjoy playing. I hate watching it. All the tennis people like watching it. Most weeks I play on Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I started a softball team(I play and coach) and we play at Berliner on Wednesdays. We are 3-3 so far. We ran up against a really good team and one team that was just awful. Hopefully we can make the playoffs but who knows.

Ryan is ready for this half marathon. He can already run the half. Impressive. For a Clydesdale.

I am again going zip lining on October 4th. I am taking my nephew Austin. It is his birthday present. He does not know he is going. So if you read this Austin this is what we are doing for your b-day.

Michele and I volunteered at the NBC4 Health Expo for Donate Life of Ohio. It was a little weird in the beginning but after a while it was fine. We got 3 or 4 people to sign up to donate there organs upon there demise. No one else that worked there at the time we were there had anyone sign up. I think it went well. Now comes the boneheaded part. One lady came up to the table and said that when her son died in a car crash she donated all of his organs. I then said how wonderful. Sad thing is it sounded more like I said how wonderful about the car crash. The lady did not say anything about it and probably knew what I meant. I can kind of laugh about it but I felt a little bad. But I got her to sign up to give up her organs upon death. That is what Donate Life gets for sending me out in the public with no training before hand. I plan on becoming a ambassador for Donate Life in the near future. Just one more training class.

That is all that is going on at 2271.


Best clip in football. EVER!