Saturday, January 3, 2009

We have had a great holiday season. We headed to Cleveland to see my extended family for Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving, we were able to have all of our immediate family down to our place for Thanksgiving. We made it up to see Neal's family in December. While in town, Neal was able to catch a very cold Browns game with his family at the stadium. We are very thankful for the wonderful year we have had. For Christmas we got the flu or something else just as horrible! Neal had to spend a couple of nights over at OSU, but was freed on Christmas Day. As Ryan reminded us, that was nothing compared to some prior Christmas'.

Other than the flu or food poisoning Neal picked up for Christmas, his health is better than ever. Neal met with the oncologist in December and had another ultrasound and Lil Ryan is looking great. Ryan is fully recovered also. He had an appointment for a routine physical and everything looks great.

You cannot repay someone for giving you your life back. Try to tell Ryan and Leslie that! One of the first things Neal told Leslie immediately after the transplant was "Tell Ryan thanks, now Michele and I can start our own family". Well that time has come. We are so excited of the news that we are expecting twins. The babies will be here in July. We got to see them again on the 2nd and they were kicking and moving all over the place. We could not have done this without our completely selfless friends. Thanks McHenry's for giving us our life back! 2008 has been an amazing year and 2009 should be just as exciting!

Stacy made us a special pie to celebrate the babies. It was delicious! Perhaps we should have moved the large knife from the picture. I could not help but post a picture.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Burn After Reading

More like Burn Before Watching. Nothing like a comedy with no jokes. I know it was packed with superstars but it can still suck. Believe me it really sucked. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Don't rent it.