Saturday, December 1, 2007

Guitar Zeros!

We had a few people over for dinner and Wii night. Here are some pictures of Matt and Dave playing Guitar Hero!

Friday, November 30, 2007

No PT on Thursday

I did not make it to PT on Thursday. I was feeling pretty bad but I am much better today. Other than that I am not doing to much. Just doing my Mr. Mom job. Keeping the house clean.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wii are Thankful

Our Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful. After Thanksgiving, Neal, Austin and my arms were so soar from playing video games. Denise was smart and did not play all day. My bowling score took a severe hit. Neal claims we played for 10 hours on Thursday. I cooked a half way decent meal. We got a great surprise on Friday when my mom, Mike and Uncle Jim fought the crowds at Walmart to get us a 42" tv! Friday night everyone came over to play the wii on the new tv. It is wonderful. UJ seems to be the guy to beat.

We made a trip up to see my dad for his birthday and had a nice day. Everyone kept staring at Neal not believing how skinny he is! This is really the first trip out of town Neal has made since the accident. We are hoping to make it to the Machovina Christmas this year in December.

UJ, Mom and Mike raked leaves at our house on Tuesday and it did not take more than a day for the yard to be filled with leaves again. Sunday during the Browns half time and after the game, Neal and I did another clean up. We still have one tree that has quite a bit of leaves left. It is wonderful to have Neal outside doing this! This week is busy with dialysis Monday, Wednesday and Friday and physical therapy the other 2 days.

Thanks again to Stacy, Leslie and Mom for driving Neal to dialysis, I really appreciate it. At this point, we do not think Neal will be cleared to drive for 3 months. He should be able to drive after the transplant.