Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Year

Neal and I were talking the other day and determined the year actually went by fast. I would never believe that I would say this. Of course it was fast for Neal, he missed a couple of months! So here is a list of what we have learned in 2007:

1) Patience - As Neal always says nothing changes overnight

2) Appreciate the good days

3) Never take for granted drinking multiple glasses of water in a day!

4) We are so lucky to have great jobs and great health coverage

5) Good friends and family are priceless, we would be lost without them

6) It is amazing what people will do for you if you ask!

7) We are lucky to know all of the above at such a young age

This year, as miserable as it was, has shaped who we will be for the rest of our lives.

We are excited to have a New Year to look forward too. We have the transplant, weddings, parents moving, birthdays, a possible camper purchase, vacations and the growth of our Company. I am sure it will be one to remember. Ryan, Les, Connor, Matt, Jen, Raegan, Patty and Ed are spending New Year's with us. I am hoping to cook a great dinner for them, but that cannot be promised. We still have some Christmas gifts and some transplant stuff to exchange. The rest of the evening will be filled with Wii most likely.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news. Leslie's Grandpa passed away. The viewing hours are on January 2nd between 4 to 8 at the Schoedinger Funeral Home Worthington Chapel. The chapel is on North High Street just north of Rt 161 but south of the 270 Outerbelt.
The church funeral service will be on January 3rd at 10:00 AM at Maize Manor Church on Maize Rd. For some reason, both of our families strength has been challenged. Luckily for all of us, we are surrounded by family and friends.


No not my childhood obese rabbit, but Neal's heart. The doctors wanted to do a 24 hour heart monitor before the transplant. Just another standard test they wanted to run. We do not anticipate anything other than Neal potentially having a hard time falling asleep. Dave drove him to pick up the monitor today. Luckily he can take it home. We will drop it off tomorrow to make sure it is safely delivered.

Connor Scott McHenry is having surgery on his feet tomorrow. The poor McHenry and Young families have spent as much time in the hospital this year as Neal has. Connor should be home shortly after the surgery. He will be back in casts for another 3 weeks to correct his feet and then back to the bar (not the local establishment, the one that holds his feet in place).
UPDATE: Connor is out of surgery and doing fine!

This weekend we have a visit with my Dad, Dawn's bridal shower, and New Years Eve dinner at our place with the McHenry's and the soon to be Thornton family. Time sure is flying when all of our weekends are jam packed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

how do the little piggies eat?

I hope everyone had a chance to watch A Christmas Story. I was surprised to see people had rented it from Blockbuster. Don't they know it is on TBS for 24 hours!

We had a nice weekend. We even got to have a talk with Santa, although the fact that he thought I could be the mother of a 13 year old scared me! I guess we are getting older. Neal spoiled me. We ate way too much. All in all it was a great holiday that went by too fast. We are hoping next year we can make it to see the rest of our family in Cleveland.